Sėkmė - tai tavo požiūrio į gyvenimą vaisius.


11/06/2010 13:05



The Masculine Side:

The masculine  VYRIŠKOJI GIMINĖ side deals with the strength (JĖGA)  of the self. It is what causes you to act either timidly (BAIKŠČIAI) or self-confidently (PASITIKĖJIMAS SAVIMI). The thing that is most important in determining the strength of the masculine side, is the value that you, at a deep level, place on yourself. This is a value you know within(VIDUJE)  yourself that you have really and truly (tikrai, iš tikrųjų; ) earned. It could be thought of as a sort of self esteem (SAVIGARBA). Placing a high value on yourself affects your whole being and helps you feel strong and confident (PASITIKINTIS) in operating your life. And, in the reverse (PRIEŠINGA) direction, when you are able to operate (DIRBTI, VEIKTI) your life confidently, things can really turn around for you because you get more out of life, and this automatically makes you place a higher value on yourself. You can build the masculine side through progress and small wins, through positive reinforcement (SUSTIPRINIMAS), by practicing, and by doing things and generally taking an active part in operating your life.

If you have a strong masculine side, you are in charge of your own life because you are internally (VIIDNĖ) controlled. You tend (TURI POLINKĮ) to look people in the eye. You stand straight, and you usually command attention when you walk into a room, whether you say anything or not. This happens because of the strength within. If you have a weak (SILPNĄ) masculine side, you also have a lot of doubts (ABEJONIŲ). You doubt yourself, your abilities, your capability to do things. Things intimidate (GĄSDINA) you and you don't move forward well. You are afraid to put yourself out there because you know you are going to fail, so you don't even try to accomplish (ĮVYKDYTI) things. If you have a weak masculine side, you often feel the need to show off your attributes and accomplishments (LAIMĖJIMAIS), whereas if you have a strong masculine side you are self-confident, and don't feel it is necessary to show off.

The masculine side is full of things that you have to be strong and self-confident in order to do. These include being able to claim your basic rights, such as the right to feel free to operate independently of others, and the right to belong or fit (TIKTI) into society in any way you please. Claiming your rights also includes being able to stand up to people who try to take away your rights, either by force or intimidation (ĮBAUGINIMAS), or by manipulation, or by trying to hinder (TRUKDYTI) you in choosing your own direction in life. The masculine side also includes the ability to take risks when appropriate, to be decisive (LEMIAMAS SPRENDIMAS) when necessary, and to focus or concentrate in order to get something done. In addition, it includes being able to figure out how to accomplish things so you can get more of what you want out of life. Part of this is being able to figure out how to operate your life in a responsible manner, how to reason without distorting reality and without fooling yourself, and how to accurately weigh probabilities so that you know the most likely outcome to expect in situations you come across.